Trey Cordova Hello! I'm Trey Cordova.

I'm trying to make the web as amazing as possible one website at a time.

When I'm not mesmerized by my acoustic guitar, riding my bike, or enjoying my addiction to urbanism, I'm increasing my knowledge in new and upcoming web technologies and appreciating all aspects of our little Internet wonder box.


Software Engineer, June 2015 – Present
Socrata, Inc.,

  • Implemented a brand new authorization login flow for customers interested in Single Sign On.
  • Shipped Socrata Perspectives, a data-driven narrative software that ties together government data powered by Socrata's visualization and asset libraries.
  • Introduced and maintained Socrata's first style guide, a collection of UI design standards, fonts, and React components shared across several projects.
  • Technologies: JavaScript (React, redux, Flux), node.js, SCSS, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Scala, Java.
  • Projects: Socrata Perspectives.

Front End Engineer, June 2014 – June 2015
Gaikai, a Sony Computer Entertainment company,

  • Developed an internal web application to offer detailed analytics about the services that compose the PlayStation Now network.
  • Technologies: JavaScript, AngularJS, Jasmine, node.js, Highcharts.js, gulp.js, MongoDB, elasticsearch.
  • Projects: PlayStation Now, ngTestHarness.

Web Developer Internship, October 2011 – May 2014
Sandia National Laboratories,

  • Built web applications for business intelligence in the Data Analysis, Visualization, and Communication group. Provided interesting insight and visual views of data through programming to help Sandia sell and license technologies.
  • Technologies: backbone.js, node.js, RequireJS, MongoDB, Twitter Bootstrap, Python, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Oracle, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Grunt, Bower, Git.
  • Projects: iPad App JS/HTML5 Template, Cyber Attack Configuration Dashboard, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Capture Planning Tool.


B.S., Technical, Computer Science, August 2010 – May 2014
University of New Mexico

Journalism and Various Studies, August 2009 – May 2010
George Washington University

On The Side™

Some of my knick knacks and doodads.

  • Created and maintain nativejsx, a JSX-to-JavaScript native DOM transpilation library.
  • Designed the brand and look-and-feel for, a Seattle-based Rust meetup.
  • Helped build a data aggregation site based on World of Warcraft's auction house API with bash script, C, Redis, AngularJS, and node.js — focus being performance.
  • Developed a fully-functional, blog engine, inspired by Ghost, with AngularJS, Node.js, and MongoDB.
  • Constructed an agile development board to facilitate backlogs, progress, and finished user stories with Backbone.js and jQueryUI — similar to Trello.


Socrata Perspectives

Socrata Perspectives Socrata Perspectives

Socrata Perspectives is a data-driven narrative software that ties together government data powered by Socrata's visualization and asset libraries. The Perspectives UI leveraged several new JavaScript technologies like Webpack, React, and redux. The backend was driven by Socrata's amazing open data API written in Java and Scala.

HTML5/JavaScript-driven iPad App Template

The TITANS recruiting application was developed solely on the HTML5/JavaScript-driven iPad App Template written in backbone.js. Our group would get multiple requests for iPad apps, and I finally spearheaded a project to build a templating system that would allow any person to simply build HTML pages and style them without ever touching JavaScript code.

The results allowed quick implementation of Sandia-approved apps used at conferences and meetings throughout the year to recruit new talent. The ready-box solution helped content providers pay attention to the things that mattered, such as the experience they presented for their users. With the templating system, we were able to develop CSS3-centric animations and transitions that brought the apps to life.

Bounce, geo-sharing near your location.

Bounce was envisioned by a musician who simply wanted to share his music with everyone at his concerts — no more, no less. Bounce was conceived from new web technologies, namely the HTML5 Geolocation API. The app needed a small development window, so I opted for AngularJS and Apache Cordova.

Bounce was a two-tiered app, with a backend powered by Go that provided RESTful services that were tied into a MySQL database. The front-end worked heavily with Angular's services that were built around object wrappers for data from the backend.

Siphon, A 2D Puzzle Platformer

Both the Siphon website and game are being actively developed by me. The website was modeled after Hearthstone's landing page before the open beta. Initially, the website started from a HTML5 boilerplate project, but was quickly built out into a WordPress template to allow the Siphon developers to reach out to the community through blog posts about our trials.

During game's concept and prototype phase, we developed the idea through love2d and Lua and then moved the core implementation into Unity3D, after the advent of box2D support. If I were to compare Siphon to another game, then Limbo would be the best example. We are looking for the amazing, cerebral puzzles that leave lasting impressions on our players.

Siphon Source
Siphon's Website Source

Exciting Extras Extravaganza


Seventeen was filmed over a school semester by a group of 10 people. I helped with field audio, sound engineering, and video editing.

Ouoroborotory, 48-Hour Global Game Jam 2012

Blown a few seconds into the past during a science experiment gone wrong, you must fight through a suddenly zombie infested lab to stop yourself from making the same mistake again, by killing yourself. Stuck in a time loop, your past attempts might help or harm your progress. Made with Java.

KOI, 48-Hour New Mexico Game Jam 2013

Two koi buddies are set out to defeat the evil Puffer Fish king. Using their amazing tangoing abilities, they dance their way to the Puffer Fish king's demise. Made with love2d.

KOI's game portal
KOI's Source